Above: Speakers, contributors and guests on the front steps of the V&A, London, for the discussion event to celebrate the launch of 4D Hyperlocal: A Cultural Toolkit for the Open-Source City, AD (Wiley), Jan/Feb 2017, Guest-edited by Lucy Bullivant, May 2017. Top row from left to right: architect Moritz Behrens; Andreas Lang, co-founder, public works; Malcolm McCullough, Professor of Architecture and Urban Planning, Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Michigan; Gonzalo Herrero Delicado, curator, Architecture, Royal Academy of Arts; John Bingham-Hall, Director, Theatrum Mundi, multidisciplinary researcher in urban culture and morphology, lecturer, UCL; middle row from left to right: Konstantinos Mavromichalis, designer; Lucy Bullivant; Saskia Beer, entrepreneur and founder of ZO!City and Glamourfest; front row from left to right: Giles Lane, artist and designer, co-founder, Proboscis creative innovation studio; Katharine Willis, Associate Professor in Digital Environments, School of Art, Design and Architecture, Plymouth University; Priya Prakash, designer, founder of D4SC: Design for Social Change urban product design studio.

“What is proper to every event is that it brings the future that will inherit from it into communication with a past narrated differently”.

Isabelle Stengers, philosopher.

Lucy Bullivant PhD Hon FRIBA is a London-born award-winning consultant – a place strategist, curatorial director and author. She has worked internationally since she was 26 years old, leading and delivering creative projects of public value with and for some of the finest organisations and firms in the world. In 2010 she was elected an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for her contribution to architectural culture globally.

Lucy is an accomplished keynote speaker leading higher standards in urban design and adaptive planning and a longstanding empirical researcher of liveable urbanism. She chairs debates about strategies at conferences, workshops and seminars hosted by a range of international venues.

Lucy is a change agent, evaluating, responding to, stimulating, facilitating and coordinating urban strategies for liveable urbanism. She brings a different perspective to situations through her collaborative activities and the new synergies resulting from them.

Her creative leadership has enabled the realisation of over 100 projects of public educational value – including 4D Hyperlocal: A Cultural Toolkit for the Open-Source City (2017) featured above and she has published twelve popular and groundbreaking specialist publications in her fields of enquiry. Lucy chairs a London local authority design review panel and is a member of two others across the UK.